Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Hearing Care, and We Love What It Can Do for You

From entertainment to safety, shopping, and more, artificial intelligence has brought convenience to a whole new level at home, work, and play. Whether adaptive thermostats that learn your family’s schedule to reach the perfect temp at the right time or self-driving cars that’ll someday be part of everyday life, an increasing number of products include AI.

Artificial intelligence has also played an ever-increasing role in health care over the years. Disease detection, diagnostics, drug development, and other facets of health care have benefited. At Pacific Hearing Services, we’re especially excited to tell you about AI innovation in hearing technology. You won’t believe what it can do to help support your hearing health!


Getting to Know AI

First, let’s talk a little about what artificial intelligence is. It’s essentially the ability of a device or machinery to act as if it has a thinking brain. For example, being able to discern information — the layout of a room, in the case of a robot vacuum cleaner — and adjust its functioning accordingly. The automated vac, for instance, may scan a room and then devise a responsive game plan for cleaning it.

A small but growing roster of hearing aids incorporates AI to help you hear more clearly and confidently — especially in more challenging listening situations such as:

  • Sporting events
  • Dinner gatherings
  • Busy shopping centers
  • Airport and work environments


Understanding Why AI Matters

Why does it matter? Many of the listening situations that can feel the most difficult might also be the most important in your life — making it all the more critical that you hear your best. If the difficulties become too much of a roadblock, it can be tempting to avoid those environments you used to enjoy. And that can lead to isolation, which can affect your — and your loved ones’ — quality of life.

We don’t want that!

Instead, we want you to feel empowered and to thrive in all the environments that matter to you. AI-powered hearing devices can be a big help by:

  • Analyzing the environment, including taking note of the background noise around you
  • Sorting through the various sounds to identify the important speech signals in the room
  • Amplifying the desired speech and minimizing the unwanted sounds that can get in the way


Discovering Even More Benefits of AI

One of the keys in AI is a concept called “machine learning,” allowing the hearing technology to process data, make decisions designed to enhance listening in real time, and continually improve based in part on your regular use of the device. These capabilities help separate devices with artificial intelligence from more conventional hearing aids.

AI-based hearing technology, depending on the model and companion apps, also offers other exciting innovations such as:

  • The ability to track your brain and body health
  • Translation capabilities for even easier communication
  • Fall detection and alert of preselected emergency contacts
  • Instant device help from a voice-controlled assistant
  • Remote fine-tuning by your provider — helping save you a trip

As you can see, hearing aids are always evolving to help you stay connected to the people and activities you treasure most. We’d love to show you the benefits of AI-powered hearing technology, so don’t wait. Contact our caring team to schedule a test-drive today.