Most hearing loss can be effectively treated with hearing aids, but individuals with more severe hearing difficulties might be helped by cochlear implants. Read on for more about cochlear-implant devices and the exciting options we offer at Pacific Hearing Services.

What Are Cochlear Implants?

Cochlear implants are small, surgically placed electronic devices comprising an external part behind the ear and an internal part under the skin. They create the sensation of sound when profound hearing loss can’t be sufficiently improved by hearing aids.

How Do Cochlear Implants Differ From Hearing Aids?

Unlike hearing aids, which process and amplify sound and work in concert with the hair cells in your cochlea or inner ear, cochlear implants bypass hair cells altogether to directly stimulate the hearing nerve. The implants therefore don’t have to rely on potentially damaged hair cells to help you hear.

How Do I Know If Cochlear Implants Are Right for Me?

An audiologist at our Rancho Cucamonga or Claremont, CA office can perform an extensive auditory evaluation to determine whether you’re a potential candidate. If so, they’ll work in conjunction with an otologist to determine if you meet certain health and medical requirements.

What Cochlear Implant Brands Does Pacific Hearing Services Offer?

We’re proud to provide innovations by Cochlear Americas, the pioneer of the first commercially available cochlear implant.

  • Nucleus 7 Sound ProcessorThe Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor combines clear sound, discreet style, and handy connectivity in a small, comfortable, behind-the-ear solution that supports active living for nearly every age. With the device’s smartphone compatibility and an array of wireless accessories, you can conveniently stream phone calls, music, movies, and other audio directly to your processor for maximum clarity and enjoyment. It also automatically adjusts for optimal listening in quiet or noisy environments.
  • Kanso Sound Processor in Rancho CucamongaThe Kanso® Sound Processor provides exceptional performance in a smaller, more discreet device that has two microphones for clearer hearing in background noise. The off-the-ear processor — designed to treat severe to profound hearing loss — requires no wires, comes in a range of colors, and sits comfortably on the side of the head, where it can be hidden by hair. Just press the device’s power button, and go!
  • Cochlear Hybrid Hearing implant system The Cochlear HybridTM Hearing implant system, a combination of a cochlear implant and a traditional hearing aid, may be the solution when you can hear low-frequency sounds — thunder, long “u” sounds, or deep voices, for example — but have trouble with higher-frequency sounds such as “s” sounds or the chirp of a bird. The hybrid technology leverages the natural hearing you may still have while using cochlear implant technology to bypass damaged areas of the inner ear.


Interested in exploring cochlear implants for better hearing? If you think you might be a possible candidate for cochlear implants or simply want to learn more about the option, contact our hearing care experts today to schedule an evaluation!